Since his childhood, Harry has demonstrated skills in horsemanship and showing beef cattle, dairy cattle, and horses. He earned his undergraduate degree in Animal Husbandry and has owned and operated dairies for 20+ years. He has always been interested in livestock whether it be horses, beef cattle, or dairy cattle.

An area agricultural trial practice covers many areas:
  • Nutritionist malpractice: fraudulent delivery of grains-feed stock which are not as represented and/or of less quality or value than represented to be.
  • Poor design and/or installation of milking equipment: leading to lower milk production and higher somatic cell in a dairy.
  • Delivery of harmonious mixed feeds or actual poisonous ingredients: inadvertently included in a load of feed.
  • Delivery of misrepresented semen: delivering semen from a less qualified bull then represented thus producing less valuable calves.
  • Misrepresentation by bank loan officers: which induce a farmer to expand based on loan advances which do not come through.
  • Negligent applications of herbicides: and/or to applications of water downed herbicides resulting in significant crop losses.
  • Misrepresentations: fraud and forward commodity sale contracts or miscalculations in the resolution of same.
  • Injuries to livestock herds, employees or to personal property: by venders or salesmen on the farm.