Harry DeHaan has practiced law since 1973. In his early years he has participated in preparing briefs for the U. S. Supreme Court and has represented insurance companies as a defense attorney. Harry has served as the prosecutor for Twin Falls County and was appointed Special Prosecutor to investigate elected officials of Jerome County, which resulted in several convictions. Harry has received three verdicts in excess of $7 million and has gone to trial for as little as $1500; when the principle was more important than the profit.

Mr. DeHaan is currently engaged in litigation in Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Nevada. He represents individuals against large corporations and delights in being a “giant slayer”. Harry has successfully opposed law firms of 500 lawyers. He has successfully tried cases with nine lawyers against him and has sued the largest corporations in the country, as well state and local governments.

By utilizing modern computers, emails, and faxes as well as computerized research data banks, a sole-proprietor like Mr. DeHaan can successfully confront the largest law firms in the land and produce just as much paper, legal research, and briefs. The difference lies in Harry's unique passion and perspective that "right is right" and "wrong is wrong" to which juries have been very receptive to basic principles of fairness and fair dealing. In the Magic Valley, juries have been very responsive to remediation when large corporations overstep their bounds and do not treat the individual with the fairness and honesty they deserve.